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Aces Vinyl Decking Incorporated

Located in Coquitlam and Parksville, serving Coquitlam, Parksville and surrounding areas

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Q: What are some of the benefits of adding a deck to my home?

A: Decks increase the value of your home; the design provides curb appeal. Investing in a deck will result in a great return should you choose to sell! Also, of course, you and your family can enjoy a deck for years—it will be the cornerstone of your entertainment calendar.

Q: What size deck should I build?

A: This depends on the size of your yard! Decks typically range from 12 feet by 12 feet to 300 or 400 square feet. When you call Aces Vinyl Decking Incorporated to come to your home we’ll provide a free estimate and suggest a design that will flow best in your unique yard.

Q: Can my old deck be repaired?

A: Yes! There’s no job that is too big for us. More extreme jobs will of course be pricier but we are up for any challenge.

Q: Should I seal my concrete driveway?

A: It is not necessary, but it can help reduce cracks and improve the appearance for longer. If you’re concerned about color fading, you should seal your driveway to keep it looking fresh.

Q: How long does decking last?

A: A traditional wood deck has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, and a composite (more resistant to the elements) lasts between 25 and 30 years.

Q: Why should I hire a contractor to build my deck?

A: You can of course DIY a deck, but if you want a more complicated design built to flow naturally in your yard, it’s best to hire a contractor. You also won’t have to go through the headaches of building it yourself. Leave it to us!

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